The Secrets of Success: Leaders in transformational change

22 May

Event Date: May 31, 6pm

Achieving sustained improvement in performance and efficiency requires that organizations move beyond structures, processes, and systems to address individual and collective behaviour—including culture, mind-sets and capabilities, and team and group dynamics. A key aspect of creating transformational change involves co-creation and collaboration to design and implement interventions to build skills, shift mind-sets, develop leaders, and manage talent to ensure a successful and sustainable change in behaviours.

A few of our guests of honour

Dr Jenni Goricanec, is interested in working with others to enhance the sustainability of human systems. Her practice is to engage with people by drawing on their own ways of knowing and understanding. She orients people toward the “pull” of future intentions, rather than the blind “push” of past habits and “best practice”. She encourages people to break out of their cognitive silos, to think laterally and to focus on the whole problem systemically in all its inter-disciplinary complexity. Her practice works through the essential processes of innovation – mobilising resources, enrolling peers, engaging allies and building public support. This form of engineering practice is about manoeuvring, dissolving boundaries, always being in action, and recognising that function, congruence and transformation are emergent properties generated through active learning by doing.

Judy Pridmore, has worked in the digital space for the past 17 years in a number of high profile consumer and media organisation. She recently joined the Joval Group (which incorporates Casama wines and Valcorp) in the role of Digital Strategy and Development Manager. Her previous roles include CEO of Golf Link, Australia’s number 1 golf website, Online Transformation Program Director at Westpac and Director of Marketing Services at Southcorp. She has also worked in a number of businesses across  News Corporation including Truelocal and Career One as GM and at Harper Collins Publishers where she launched on the online start-up Winepros International.

Angela Ferguson currently serves ThoughtWorks Australia as a member of the management team, with a particular focus on geographically distributed client engagements.

Ange has successfully managed large, multi-disciplinary programmes of work and has experience in organisation transformation, both from a strategic design and implementation perspective. She has also served as a member of the Australian, Asia Pacific and India Management teams. Angela is an accomplished coach, trainer and workshop facilitator. Her career history includes industry experience in: retail marketing & loyalty; publishing; financial services; warehousing, maintenance and distribution; military, and; agriculture.

Jacinta Carboon, is the Senior Sponsorship Manager, Arts & Community at NAB. She is a highly experienced Sponsorship & Events Manager with a strong background in Corporate Sales, Marketing & Brand stewardship gained in two of Australia’s largest companies.

About the dinner

It is with great pleasure and much fanfare that Girl Geek Dinners Melbourne announces the first instalment of a new mentoring series. Imagine if you could attend a dinner party with fascinating women who have achieved notoriety and succeeded highly in their field. What would you want to know about them? What questions would you ask them?

In 2012, we’re inviting women in leadership roles who have excelled in their area of expertise. These women work in corporations, agencies and across multiple industries including education. They will have lots of stories to share about their experiences and career. The agenda is relaxed to allow for natural, flowing conversations amongst guests and Girl Geek Dinner Members.

How to attend

Limited tickets are on sale at EventBrite for non-members

 Members can book tickets on Meetup

Fixed menu options

Drinks will be generously provided by MitchelLake

About our sponsor

MitchelLake is a progressive, passionate and experienced provider of Executive Search, Specialist Recruitment, Jobs + Managed Recruitment & RPO for ventures and individuals that are leading the convergence of technology, media & marketing.

Over the past decade our team has helped build leadership teams for some of the most exciting companies on the planet. We work with entrepreneur driven start-up ventures through to emerging and global brands in online business & eCommerce, convergent media, enterprise & mobile technology, multi-channel marketing, digital advertising and entertainment.

MitchelLake services clients across Asia Pacific and North America with established offices in Sydney Melbourne San Francisco & London

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